Monday, December 14, 2009

Meet Spidey

(That is her real eye color!)
This is Spidey. Her full name is Chainsaw Spider Monkey and I will tell ya she really lives up to that handle. She crawls up everything- tears up everything - and is just crazy. But she is also the sweetest, most lovable, cuddly, ridiculously soft muffin face there ever was.
Most of the time she likes to be on her own. People think she is a bit of a scaredy cat when they meet her cause she flinches and shys away but when Spidey is ready for some lovin' you better give it or you won't hear the end of it.
Spidey's favorite time to get love is when she is ready for her afternoon nap which must take place in my arms or on my lap while I am working. This is the least convinient time but she always turns it into the best time. Sometimes her sweet purring and crazy soft fur put me into a nap time trance and I end up getting nothing done but more dreaming. But you can't get mad at her and you'll never turn her down.

We figured everyone should get to cuddle with Spidey. When you find something that makes life great - You got to Share it!

So begins our Kitzie Pillow Series. Spidey.

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  1. wow, this cat has most beautiful blue eyes...just gorgeous!