Monday, December 14, 2009

Workin on New Honey B for the New Year

Me and P. have been working and stressing like mad with our first Honey B Holiday. It has been super fun and exciting with serious hard work in the mix.
We are happy to say that we finally shipped off our own personal gift boxes today and in them were a few custom Honey B items.

The Baby Diner! This is an awesome long sleeve onesie that we designed for P.'s niece Emma. We have been toying with the idea of going into baby/kids i think we are hooked. We could not stop laughing at the idea of the baby diner. get it?! Get it?! Cause babies hands are their fork and knife. hehehehe

Aaaaannnnnyway, we also did our first screen print hat! My aunt Deb is madly in love with Hot Dogs. No ones know the origin of this love but we do know it runs deep. We kept thinking "what Hot Dog thing does Deb not have?" she has that cool Hot Dog cooker. She has recipe books and coffee table books...A HAT! She doesn't have a Hot Dog Hat! ta-dah!

I personal really dig the B on the brim. Very classy, professional and dope.
Screening the hat proved to be quite difficult and surprisingly labor intensive but we really love the turn out. Maybe you'll see more Honey B Hats next year? would like that?

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