Tuesday, November 23, 2010

She works hard for her money....so hard for her money...

This weekend was spend with a quick catch up session with a lady friend at Cafe Tropical (my favorite place for their amazing cafe con leche) followed by two packed days of Kitzie pillow making. Bonus: I got to finally spend some time with our new gorgeous and brilliant circa 1931 Singer Sewing Machine!!! True Love came with every stitch.hehe look at me in my own Honey B The Diner henley. I didn't even mean to do that.
Spidey endorses these kitzie pillows with all her heart. That is the Lazlo she is resting her head on.

TA-DA!!!!! introducing the brand new Yoki Dokes!!! Available at Unique LA dec 11th and 12th!!! Come get yours in time to snuggle up for the holidays!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fill that space

We have been racking our brains trying to come up with a great booth decor concept for the fast approaching Unique LA (Dec 11th / 12th). It has been hard as we really don't much time lately. But we are printing and designing and moving forward. This weekend we hit up the famous Rose Bowl flea market and scored at an amazing price a Hoosier Cabinet complete with flour bin. It may need a little work and some creative out of the box thinking for display but we are excited to have a grand piece to work around for the 10x10 space.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yoki Doke shall take over the world

Potsch and I were up late last night screening and cleaning our newest Kitzie pillow. Yoki Dokes. Named and designed after our stunningly adorable Yoko kitty. This, being our third kitzie pillow design, has a more straight on look with the sweetest expression of busting you. Who knew a kitty could give such god puppy dog eyes.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I didn't know a bag could do that?!

The Honey B Market tote is awesome! I carry mine to work everyday and almost everyday I get a compliment on it. On the weekends I empty it out and fill it with my show costumes and props and for my wedding it made a great honeymoon over night bag. Get yours here.
And just look at all the things it can hold!!! And look at my adorably cute husband.

Is that a little birdie we hear?

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Unique LA here we come!!!!

Honey B has big news!!!!
We have been accepted into The 3rd Annual UNIQUE LA Holiday Show hits Dec 11+12, 2010! Unique LA!!
For those of you who don't know prepare to have your mind blown and your holiday shopping handled!
"The largest independent design show in the country, attendees get the rare chance to meet and shop directly from over 300 hand-selected designers and artists. The exciting two-day shopping event makes it easy for you to buy local and support LA’s economy, discover great design and deals, join in community, and have a blast! Over 95% of the products at the show are proudly made right here in the USA!
On top of shopping the wide variety of offerings, the event boasts many exciting Extras & Amenities, including free workshops, an eco lounge, and two cafes featuring some of LA’s best restaurants and gourmet food trucks. Plan to spend the day with us!

Clothing & Accessories • Stationery • Jewelry • Housewares • Artwork • Ceramics • Gourmet Edibles • Plush Toys • Books • Photography • Screenprints • + more!"

This is huge for us. Potsch and I just had our wedding (which was amazing!) and we have been itching for a new project. Well that itch has been scratched in a claw like way. We are hard hard hard at work design a new Nautical line that includes shirts for men and women and totes. We have a new kitzie pillow called Yoko.

SO much!!! We can't wait to share all the photos with you and we hope to see you at Unique LA December 11th and 12th.